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The product

SmartMaintenance is not SMART only for maintenance. It is useful in all the cases where is necessary an accurate procedure tracking.

The aim of SmartMaintenance is:

  • Help people to work in any environment
  • Enhanced safety for operation world-wide
  • Drastically reduce error probability for critical procedures and reporting


This means cost reduction, by improving higher levels of reliability and by keeping people at the operation site. Furthermore SmartMaintenance reduces paperwork, by managing checklists digitally, and helps you in keeping the equipment data up-to-date by allowing a quick access to all the life-cycle information, on field.

Application Features:

  • Easy upload of technical Documentation.
  • When a new release of the technical Documentation is delivered, the update is very simple: upload the .zip file containing the docs and images.product3
  • Easy creation of checklists by using Microsoft Excel: fill in the Excel file with the procedure steps and import it in SmartMaintenance.
  • In case of S-1000D Documentation availability , the checklists will be automatically created by SmartMaintenance.
  • Checklists are automatically updated when a new version of the documentation is uploaded product4
  • Checklists are always available at their last version: technicians don’t have to worry about versions and update. Updated checklists are available any time and anywhere on their tablets (data connection required).
  • Additional information (schematics, drawing, video, computer based training) can be easily added to each step of the checklists.product5
  • Note and Trouble Ticket tool allows knowledge exchange among the team and fast feedback towards Technical Documentation Department.
  • Reports are sent directly from the tablets: they can be exported to digitally signed PDFs.



To use SmartMaintenance log in and create your account (an e-mail will be sent to you with your credentials). The tablet app can be downloaded here. Tablet hardware requirements:

  • Screen size: 6 inch minimum
  • OS: Android 4.0.4 or higher
  • WI-Fi/3G/4G connection